Special Notice:
we are presently overwhelmed with additional work, and health issues, and regrettably, as a non-profit organisation, unable to process email enquiries with the usual efficiency, or engage in training up new volunteers. This situation is likely to continue for the forseeable future, so we hope you will be patient with us.

As soon as time & health permits we shall go over all recent enquiries and reply appropriately.

Thankfully due to a fantastic core team of volunteers the Sanctuary is operating perfectly well, but we just don’t have any extra time to give over to admin, and training.

Kind regards

Gary & Janinka
The Malmesbury Animal Sanctuary Community Project (CIC), a Non-profit organisation

Can You Rescue My Animal?

MAS is a sanctuary for farm animals. Regrettably we don’t take on domestic pets, and nor do we have the space, or facilities to engage in rescue call outs (although Thelma & Louise proved to be a recent, and serendipitous, exception.)

However there are a handful of local organisations that may be able to help you. Of those, we recommend the following.

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre, Swindon.

Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital, Salisbury.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home, Bath.

What to do if you Find an Injured Animal

If you see an animal that appears injured, or wish to report an incident of cruelty, please contact the RSPCA.