Malmesbury Animal Sanctuary

The Malmesbury Animal Sanctuary Community Project was founded in April 2021 as an animal-led, non-profit private forever home for unwanted & neglected animals. Situated in a beautiful spot, nestled on the banks of the river Avon in the historically rich town of Malmesbury, we care for emus, alpacas, pygmy goats, sheep & chickens – all adorable, loved & spoilt by over 30 compassionate & caring volunteers who take part in numerous feed, welfare, and maintenance shifts every single week – and in all weathers. The animals come here for a variety of reasons, but all because they are unwanted in some way or other. Whether through downsizing, neglect, or other reasons of welfare and safety. Given the necessary space available at the time, we are generally able to yes to an animal who might otherwise have had a much shorter, and/or unhealthy existence.

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♥️ Everything we do is animal-led. Never for profit, never for personal gain. If anything gets in the way of an animal’s natural behaviour we don’t do it. We’re incredibly proud of that, and the animals love us for it. ♥️